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Born in 1987, Eugenio Naso, who has always been fond of woodworking and music, accidentally approaches lutherie, discovering that this craft work is the perfect synthesis of his passions.
In 2012 he signed up at the Civic School of Lutherie in Milan, which he attended under the guidance of the Masters Lorenzo Lippi, Federico Gabrielli and Gabriele Negri. During the fourth year he undertook an important and long-lasting work experience in the workshop of Maestro Lorenzo Lippi, where he acquired fundamental skills in the construction and restoration of classical guitars and mandolins.
In 2016 he obtained the diploma of Master Luthier with specialization in the construction of plucked instruments.
In 2018 he went back to Bologna, his home town. There he opened his own workshop, where he is mainly engaged in the construction of classical guitars.

“My approach to the design of the instruments I make, provides ample space for exchange with the guitarist; I believe in fact that the luthier profession cannot do without this constant dialogue. My intention is to satisfy the needs of the contemporary musician according to a modern conception, which favours balance, dynamic control and richness of timbre; all combined with a deep respect for the Spanish tradition from which I draw precious inspiration. Another fundamental aspect for me is the attention to aesthetic detail, through particular chromatic combinations, which are able to enhance the characteristics of the materials and that constitute the hallmark of my guitars".